eBiziiMS provides document life cycle management, facilitating records retention and disposition management as per your organization’s policies.


A Document Management system that is scalable with your organization’s needs.

Sharing existing information within the organisation in the most timely manner.

Not when it arrives, But when its needed.

Access over a LAN / WAN

Folder hierarchy structure with a windows look and feel Thick client Scan (with eBizSCAN) Supports check in check out, Revision control etc--

Document permissions

View, Print , Save , Edit, Subscribe,Flow

Revision Control

Minor & Major revisions

Folder watch

Supports direct push of scanned documents into eBizSCAN from network MFP’s.


Users can add comments to any document and mark these comments as private or public.


By Meta Data, Document Name, Date , Free Text and Comments

Drag & Drop

files into eBiziiMS web browser (Firefox, Chrome supported)


Users can subscribe for records of their interest so that any changes to the record will be notified

Windows Active directory integration

Import & Index MS office files i.e. .doc, .txt,.ppt, .pdf, .jpg etc

Our Features