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Spanning multiple industries and more than 195 countries, all kinds of customers use PaperCut to track & manage their printing — and they couldn’t be happier

DIY Print Management for everyone
Powerful Print Management for printers and MFDs
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Print Management for small businesses in the cloud
Complete cloud-native print management for business

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Print Management Solution

From simple print job tracking and monitoring, to easy BYOD printing, to advanced print security.

Printing represents up to 15% of your yearly business costs.

Unchecked printing costs amount to up to 3% of an average business revenues.

90% of all companies are unable to track all printing expenses and grossly underestimate them.

Track Printer Fleet

Secure Print – Release

Control & Reporting

Recover Costs

Enforce Print Policies

Minimize waste

Web Printing

Higher Return on Investment

SSL Encryption used for sensitive client server communication

Easy to use

Runs on various operating systems (Windows, MAC, Linux, Novell)

The biggest installed site to date has 350 000 users over multiple locations

Available in over 20 languages worldwide

Embedded support for 21 different vendor products

Any Platform