About Us
About Us

DocmeSoftLabs  is one of the early birds in smart card based solutions with offices in Dubai & India.
Our mission is “to provide comprehensive and cost effective IT, Document Management & Security 
Solutions and services to organizations and institutions, empowering them to achieve worldwide
recognition & excellence in service delivery.”
We are driven by the vision “to proactively develop innovative products and services addressing growing
needs of the Digital Information World (DIW)”. This vision has helped us grow into an organization with a wide
range of IT service offerings.
Over the years Docme has successfully developed & implemented challenging products & services across India, GCC,
and Africa. Product Engineering is our CORE expertise as illustrated by our ECM and Smart card based suite of products.

  1. I. Our Services We divide our services into seven broad categories.
  2. 1. ECM Practice
    eBiziiMS is an integrated information management system which has FOUR modules tightly integrated amongst one
    another so that a user of an eBiziiMS can easily maneuver between information’s stored in different parts of the
  3.  eBizArchive : Records Management Document Management
     eBizFlow : WorkFlow Management
     eBizDAM : Digital Asset Management
     eBizCOM : Correspondence Management
  4. eBiziiMS provides a platform to computerize your business need and move towards a paperless environment in a
    phased and gradual manner.
    eBiziiMS features full multi-user support. This means multiple users can simultaneously work with the same database.
    eBiziiMS also features a comprehensive multi-level security framework which lets you control access on a user to user
    basis. You can control access at the system, database, field, record and document levels
    ECM service Offering comprises of:
    • Back file conversion consulting
    • eBizBFS – Back file conversion workflow application scalable to any size of the project
    • Physical records storage consulting

2. Secuirty Solutions
BridgeSol provides wide range of innovative advanced biometric and RFID reader solutions for workforce
management, time and attendance, access control and job costing applications. BridgeSol provides complete
hardware and software solutions for any size and type of organization. The wide range of solutions offered
implement advanced biometric fingerprint and face recognition technologies
 Biometric Time Attendance & Access control
 Video Door Phones
 Turnstile gates
 Key Management
 Guard Tour
 eBizTMS – Time Management software
 Smart Card printers